The top reasons why prospects are ghosting your sales team! (prospect research 2019)

by Michael Phelan December 4th, 2019 defines "Ghosting" as “the practice of suddenly ending all contact with a person without explanation” ... Whatever the reason, the act of ghosting effectively ends a relationship.

One of the biggest B2B sales challenges today is the act of "Prospect Ghosting" Effectively the prospect goes dark and will not respond. It is the bain of every sales manager and is very embarrassing for SDRs. SDRs are often blamed for such prospect silence. Despite the significance of Ghosting, it is rarely discussed in the daily sea of self-help sales and marketing blogs.

Based on an in-person study of 200 B2B Buyers, here is why prospects actually ghost your sales team

They were never really interested in your offering

Your junior level sales reach is not an effective match

Your offered limited understanding of them or their industry

You did not share any relevant or meaningful insights

You did not offer them "Peer-Based Best-in-Class" examples of how their competitors solve such problems

They went with a competitor

Your content is not unique or visually engaging, it does not tell a compelling story, it is biased just like the others.

You did not establish sufficient credentials to proceed

You did not understand and cater appropriately to their current buyer journey stage

No value-added, respectful relationship was established

They see no downside to ignoring you

They downloaded a piece of your content, this does not imply they were ever a prospect

They attended a webinar or an event, this does not imply they were ever a prospect

Their corporate priorities have moved and your solution is no longer relevant.

Your cases studies are irrelevant

They have no budget or authority to buy

They have limited internal policial sway to create or influence a buying team

They are just too busy

Their interest was temporary, spontaneous or random

Your company is seen as self-serving and sales-oriented

You have not figured how to bring a credible third party who can set up and moderate intelligent, value-added & customer-centric meetings with your sales team

Most sales organizations react to this by doubling down and pounding away with additional communication. Most of this is a waste-of-time. Many sales pundits say, email and call 20-30 times, however, that rarely works

There are much smarter ways to engage prospects, Magnet Marketing is one excellent example. I highlighted areas that Magnet Marketing solves for. However, they are other ways to solve for Sales Ghosting

Please share your ideas on Sales Ghosting, how can your sales team do a better job of reducing Sales Ghosting? How can Marketing help to reduce Ghosting?

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