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Sales Driver Award

Michael Phelan is responsible for conducting ongoing research with hundreds of B2B buyers and leading B2B reps to facilitate the development and optimization of a new demand generation category: NNPM Programs (Net New Prospect Meeting Programs). These programs are designed to directly drive meetings, not downloads. The top 30 NNPM programs enable his clients to cut through the clutter, boost meetings, increase meeting hold rates, elevate the prospect conversation, prioritize new segments and close deals.


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  • Can you share any particular achievements you are most proud of in your current role?

    I work with both “for-profit” and nonprofit organizations. On the for-profit side, I am most proud of a new demand generation methodology, called NNPM Programs. It is based on extensive B2B buyer research and interviews with leading B2B sales reps. These programs enable clients to better understand and execute proven programs to engage prospects in higher-value strategic discussion, leading to increased pipeline and longer-term relationships.

  • Can you share any details about how your team, or individuals on your team, have helped drive innovation? How have you maintained your collaboration and innovation despite the current WFH reality?

    I create custom best-in-class teams for each client engagement. These creative, make-it-happen teams are not constrained by organizational structures, reporting relationships or internal politics. The only thing that matters is their reputation on delivering excellent work, bringing “outside-in” customer-centric insights and making a tangible difference to each client

    On the nonprofit side, it is about morphing for profit sales and marketing best practices to meet the unique and contextual fundraising needs of nonprofits.

  • In the midst of Covid-19, what are some lessons you’ve learned that will impact or influence the future of your work?

    Prospects have more time than ever. However, they are also more discerning than ever. It’s what you know about them that Is important, it’s what you know about their customers and their competitors that is important.

  • What sources for inspiration help you stay excited and invigorated in your work?

    Meaningful interaction with best-in-class peers, customers and prospects and a natural curiosity that is constantly trying to understand, adapt, experiment, test and ramp and optimize.


Enterprise Sales Forum

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Judge at NA Customer Centricity Awards

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North American Customer Centricity Awards! 


Podcast Guest - Inside the Sales Studio

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Listen to Michael speak about how not following the crowd can be beneficial. 

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