Best Practices-Led Prospect Meetings (BPPM)

If your business is looking to engage hard-to-reach buyers, adopt this proven program to consistently get in front of top prospects in an authentic & engaging way.

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Build a "Custom ABM Database"

Most B2B Marketers have less than 5% of the Total Addressable Market in their CRM, this program bring that to 95%.

Moderated Prospect Meetings

Arm Sales & Marketing with Prospect-Centric Best Practices

Prospect want one thing, to know how their best-in-class peers are solving mission-critical problems, "Magnet Marketing" delivers that and helps you become their trusted analyst

U.S. Go to Market

Partnering with European Governments and international incubators to bring high-growth companies to the U.S. market, navigating sales, marketing and operational challenges.


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