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New Sales Training Course: Ramping High-Value Prospect & Customer Discovery Meetings


Are your discovery meetings with B2B buyers falling flat?

Did you know that discovery meetings are trending down 30% by 2024? This critical pipeline metric impacts opportunities enormously. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Introducing our new Sales Training Course: Ramping High-Value Prospect & Customer Discovery Meetings. Our 20 actionable programs leverage cutting-edge sales research and best practices to effectively engage your target B2B buyers.

Learn how to sell effectively in this new buyer environment and walk away with proven strategies to engage high-value prospects. Our workshop includes hands-on working sessions to develop company-specific plans, ensuring you can immediately leverage what you've learned.


Take Action Today and Make Your B2B Discovery Meeting a Powerful Pre-Sales Funnel


For Massachusetts-based companies, our training program is an official approved training program and eligible for 100% reimbursement by the MA Workforce Training Fund Program. Register today and take the first step in ramping up your sales meetings in Q2-2024!

Don't miss out on learning about the best practices in prospect engagement & meetings both a sales and marketing perspective. Message Michael Phelan to register


Supercharge Your Sales: Elevate Discovery Meetings Now


Attention Sales Pros & Execs! Discovery meetings falling flat? Did you know they're down 30% by 2024? That's huge for your pipeline. But fear not!

Announcing our Sales Training Course: Ramping High-Value Discovery Meetings. 20 actionable programs using top sales research. Engage B2B buyers effectively.

Learn to sell in the new buyer environment. Walk away with proven strategies. Hands-on sessions for tailored plans. MA companies: eligible for 100% reimbursement. Register now for Q2-2024 boost!

Discover best prospect engagement practices from sales & marketing. Contact Michael Phelan to register.


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