Is your 2023 revenue generation strategy to replicate what you did in 2022?

by Michael Phelan June 14th, 2020

Is your new strategy for 2023 to do the same thing. In a recent survey by Go-to-Market Pros, many sales and marketing executives are doing exactly that or just doubling down on past programs

Rationale is:

-We have revenue potential to continue last year's plan

-We are better set up to replicate our 2019 plan than create anything new

-Competitors are doing similar things, so we must be on track

-We do not have the time, energy, or budget to try new things

-Our sales and marketing leadership team is risk-averse and prefers program duplication with well-known results

-We are not that interested in "Net New Prospect Meetings", we all the business we need with current customers or the current pipeline.

The problem is:

-B2B Buying is changing dramatically

-Inbound marketing performance backed by BRDs is producing lesser results, the "Inbound Marketing" methodology is tired

-Sales and Marketing technology is exploding content clutter and buyers are disengaging

-Best-in-Class competitors are rapidly evolving, testing, and trying new things

-Vendor differentiation is getting harder

-Enhanced value add is now required to secure enterprise meetings

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