"At-bats"​: The one thing that sales really wants from marketing!

by Michael Phelan December 4th, 2019

When I speak to executives who are responsible for revenue generation, the one common request they consistently have from marketing is:

"I just need more At-bats, please get me more At-bats"

What they mean is net new qualified prospect meetings not SQLs, MQLs or other forms of downloads, email opens or site visits. Those are helpful, they can be indications of interest and are certainly worthy of nurturing, however, nothing is more valuable to sales than a live opportunity to speak and engage directly with targeted prospects.

The "Appointment Setting" firms have offered some solutions in the past with limited success, however, dramatic changes in "B2B Buying Behavior" has effectively sunsetted those offerings.

Why do we have tons of marketing metrics but not the "one" that matters most to sales, "net new prospect meetings"?

Over the past two years, I have developed a proven marketing methodology to produce net new prospect meetings for sales while collecting customer-centric content for lead generation, this new process is called "Magnet Marketing"

email me at michael@gotomarketpros.com for more info.

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