17 Innovative programs to drive NNPMs (Net New Prospect Meeting)

by Michael Phelan January 26th, 2020

Result of the key finding on programmatic ways to drive NNPMs from the Enterprise Sales Forum at Rapid7 on January, 22

1. “Magnet Marketing” Peer-centric buyer best practices

2. “Benchmarking & Indexing” Rank & rate buyers on their capability to solve high-priority problems

3. Prospect Performance Audit

4. Maturity Levels: Rate prospects by plateaus, performance, sophistication, evolution or competence.

5. Three-dimensional mail: Sending personal, interactive or physical items to intrigue, engage or humor prospects.

6. Exclusive industry Research: Offer in return for a meeting

7. “Calls-for-a-Cause”, “Meet-to-Give” "Vet Day Donation" Offer prospects a donation to their charity of choice

8. Hard-to-access analysts, authors & experts: Provide prospects with desirable access.

9. Leverage customers: Existing customers are more credible to buyers than sales, use them to help tell your story

10. Leverage customer success or sales engineering: Prospects want to talk to folks who have implemented solutions

11. Founders or CEOs: Prospects value higher-level engagements

12. CFOs, CIOs, CTOs & BOD: Engage your full team to drive meetings

13. Employee Alumni Program: Engage former employees

14. Customer Alumni Program: Engage former customers

15. Launch a Hackathon: Engage community in co-development with local realistic use-cases.

16. Time Shifting: Commuter meetings

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